I've been developing games in Unity for the past 7 years. Compilation, especially for multiple platforms, has always been an annoyance.

I recently found out by creating a CI/CD pipeline with git that unity has a decently documented CLI one can use for compilation and that it was a perfect fit for my game, Nonno Lorenzo , since that project is not current on GitHub.

I did some research and created a batch script that compiles my game for Mac, Linux and Windows without requiring any manual input. I just double click the batch file and wait for the builds to complete.

@echo off title Unity Project Builder set "ProjectPath=D:\NonnoLorenzo\Nonno Lorenzo" set "LogPath=D:\NonnoLorenzo\build-log.txt" set "BuildPath=G:\Nonno Lorenzo\Builds\Latest" set "AppName=Nonno Lorenzo" set "Editor="D:\Unity Editors\2021.1.0f1\Editor\Unity.exe"" @REM start "Unity Build Logs" powershell.exe /c "Get-Content build-log.txt -wait" rem Build for Windows echo Building for Windows... %Editor% -quit -batchmode -projectpath "%ProjectPath%" -buildWindowsPlayer "%BuildPath%\Windows\%AppName%.exe" -logFile "%LogPath%" rem Build for macOS echo Building for macOS... %Editor% -quit -batchmode -projectpath "%ProjectPath%" -buildOSXUniversalPlayer "%BuildPath%\Mac\%AppName%.app" -logFile "%LogPath%" rem Build for Linux echo Building for Linux... %Editor% -quit -batchmode -projectpath "%ProjectPath%" -buildLinux64Player "%BuildPath%\Linux\%AppName%.x86_64" -logFile "%LogPath%" @echo Zipping Projects ... rem Zip for Windows powershell -Command "Compress-Archive -Path '%BuildPath%\Windows\*' -DestinationPath '%BuildPath%\Windows\%AppName%.zip' -Force" rem Zip for macOS powershell -Command "Compress-Archive -Path '%BuildPath%\Mac\*' -DestinationPath '%BuildPath%\Mac\%AppName%.zip' -Force" rem Zip for Linux powershell -Command "Compress-Archive -Path '%BuildPath%\Linux\*' -DestinationPath '%BuildPath%\Linux\%AppName%.zip' -Force"

Simply change the environment variables to fit your own needs :)

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